Wireless Push Button Series II

Push Button Series II, the 2nd generation series of the popular push button type wireless switches includes the addition of a master On and Off button. The master button provide the ease of switching on or off all the lights that is programmed to the wireless switch.

A multi-functional keypad is added to the family to provide advance control with hassle free programming to suit individual customer requirements.

It is a multi way switching unit without the need to run cables. It incorporates 16 easily accessible channels with 99 different possible combinations. A quick 4 function buttons(F1-F4) can be programmed to setup 4 different lighting scenes.

MODEL NO. AP-TX-C01-01 AP-TX-C02-01 AP-TX-C03-01 AP-TX-C04-01 AP-TX-C02-02 AP-TX-C05-02 AP-TX-C06-01 AP-TX-C06-02 AP-TX-KP-A01-01
Working Voltage 3V
Battery Type 2 pcs of CR2032 Lithium Battery
Battery Life* 3 years
Working Frequency 433.92 Mhz
Coding Method ASK
Transmission Range** 50m
Working Temperature ­-20°C ~ +60°C

*Battery life under normal operations.

** Transmission range depending on atmospheric conditions.

*** Product specifications undergoes continuous design improvement and is subjected to changes without notice.

Wireless Push Button Series II is compatible is compatible with Cover Accessories.