Wireless Dimmer Switches

EZY Wireless Dimmer Switches allows you ti control the intensity of your lighting at any location in your room.  The EZY Dimmer Series comes with 2 models, the single button and the 3 button type.

The single button type give simple control with just one button to cycle the dimming control.  Pressing once on the button to ON/OFF the lighting.

The 3 button type give you more specific control where 2 buttons at the sides is dimming up or down.  Pressing the middle button once to ON/OFF the lighting.

Working Voltage 3V
Battery Type 2 pcs of CR2032 Lithium Battery
Battery Life* 3 years
Working Frequency 433.92 MHz
Coding Method ASK
Transmission Range** 50m
Working Temperature  -20°C to +60°C

*Battery life under normal operations.

** Transmission range depending on atmospheric conditions.

*** Product specifications undergoes continuous design improvement and is subjected to changes without notice.

Wireless Dimmer Series is compatible with Cover Accessories.